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Uttar Pradesh To Soon Celebrate Kabaddi’s Incredible Growth Journey

15th April, 2024: Get ready for a game-changing moment as the Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi League steps into the limelight, heralding a revolution in the heartland of India. 

Kabaddi, once a grassroots sport, has evolved into a global spectacle, drawing the attention of millions of fans worldwide. The establishment of leagues like Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi League reflects the sport’s remarkable journey from local playgrounds to grand arenas, showcasing the dedication of athletes, organizers, and fans. With over 26 states and 500 districts embracing Kabaddi, it has become deeply ingrained in the fabric of Indian society, captivating audiences across diverse demographics.

Uttar Pradesh, with its vast and diverse population, stands as the ideal stage for Kabaddi League. With over 220 million residents,  Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi League has access to a passionate and extensive fan base, creating a vibrant atmosphere during matches. This massive population base provides  Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi League with a passionate and extensive fan following, highlighting the blend of fervent fans and top-tier Kabaddi talent, making it the best stage for the Kabaddi league.  The tagline “Apna Bharat Apna Khel Ab Khelega Uttar Pradesh” encapsulates the essence of unity and pride in showcasing Kabaddi talent on a grand scale.

It is also worth mentioning that Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi League is being supported by Swami Ramdev. Having played the sport since childhood, Swami Ramdev revealed his involvement in the game from the age of five, highlighting its enduring significance throughout his life. He emphasized the current status of Kabaddi as the second-largest sport in India, following cricket.

“Kabaddi’s journey from a grassroot level to a global sensation showcases its timeless appeal in Indian culture. Its transition to professional leagues has given athletes new opportunities on national and international stages, marking a significant change from its grassroots beginnings. Throughout this transformation, Kabaddi remains a symbol of unity and tradition,” states Sambhav Jain, Founder, Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi League.

 Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi League is committed to grassroots development, nurturing the talent of young Kabaddi enthusiasts across Uttar Pradesh. With 60 matches featuring 8 teams, live streaming, and live broadcasting starting from July 11th to July 25th, 2024,  Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi League promises to provide a platform for local talent to shine and inspire the next generation of Kabaddi players in Uttar Pradesh. The  Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi League Trophy Tour will further showcase the heartbeat of Kabaddi across Uttar Pradesh, engaging fans from all walks of life and igniting the spirit of competition and camaraderie.

“With professional leagues, Kabaddi has become a platform for athletes to shine nationally and internationally. This shift reflects the sport’s growth and recognition, offering players a chance to showcase their skills. Kabaddi’s journey inspires progress and brings communities together across India,” said Rajesh Kumar Yadav, Secretary Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi Association & International Kabaddi Player

Comparing it to the popular cricket sport,  Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi League promises to generate excitement and economic opportunities for stakeholders. IPL 2023 recorded half a billion TV viewers, the highest in Indian cricket history, whereas Season 9 of  Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi League concluded with a cumulative reach of 222 million viewers, marking a 17.5% increase over the 2021 numbers, showcasing the growing popularity of Kabaddi.

“Modern Kabaddi leagues like the Pro Kabaddi League have made the sport a mainstream sensation. These leagues have transformed Kabaddi into a global spectacle, captivating diverse audiences worldwide. As Kabaddi gains popularity, it embodies inclusivity and sportsmanship, inspiring millions,” said Rahul Chaudhari, brand ambassador uttar pradesh kabaddi league, indian kabaddi player

Also, partnering with  Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi League, 1xSportz will increase the league’s reach and impact, delivering thrilling Kabaddi action straight to the fans. With an array of services spanning sports management, marketing, and grassroots development, 1xSportz remains committed to its dedication to the success and expansion of  Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi League.

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