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aBrace Secures an Investment from Global Target Ventures

The world of health technology is a fast growing sphere and one of the bright spots is aBrace’s development of a smart bracelet for kids with autism. This device is designed to predict when an autistic child might be on the verge of a meltdown by monitoring their body signals.


Not too long ago, this project caught the attention of Global Target Ventures (, a venture capital company that specializes in supporting early-stage companies on their path to significant growth. The investment they made in aBrace is of high importance because it provides not just the funds but also the confidence boost the company needed to keep pushing forward.


Starting with basic prototypes, aBrace has been on a long journey to bring their idea to life. This progression is what laid the groundwork for receiving the investment needed to take the development to the next level.


The investment by Global Target Ventures was the result of aBrace’s clear potential and alignment with the fund’s emphasis on eHealth innovations. Pavel Aleshin, Fund’s GP, says that the decision came quickly, highlighting the project’s big social impact and the founder’s dedication as key factors. “When investing in projects at the pre-seed stage, the founder’s consistency and commitment are usually the key factors, which we saw in Anna from our very first meeting,” Pavel commented.


The received sum has been crucial for the company. It has helped fine-tune the prototype, advance the design, and get ready for mass production. But it’s not just about the money; this partnership has also brought valuable advice, contacts, and support that’s sped up the bracelet’s journey. “Besides the financial aspect, which is undoubtedly an important component, we were also looking for a partner with extensive experience and a desire to actively participate in the project and offer advice,” says Anna, the founder of aBrace.


For those interested in learning more about the initiative – visit aBrace’s website at Additionally, although their Kickstarter campaign is finished, it remains a rich source of information about the project and its goals. Check it out here( to discover more about the impact aBrace’s team is aiming to achieve.


Together, aBrace and Global Target Ventures are on a mission to provide support to the autistic community and develop wearable technology in general.

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